Website Translation Services

Statistics show web traffic is twice as much online sales as offline sales. The creation and marketing of multilingual websites can be very cost-efficient. This will be your partnership with WTS. Our translation services offer website localization that works just as well as the original. Our expertise has been tested in delivering web translation solutions in over 60 languages around the world.

We are Website Translation, a professional translation agency from Europe. We are a group of certified linguists who are offering website translation services worldwide. Our Translation Agency is registered in Austria, the heart of Europe, and authorized by WKO Austria 5280.

Business Website Translation Services in Vienna and Berlin

Global companies’ localized websites cannot use an automatic translation WordPress plugin like Google Translate. Machine translation for blog articles can become a catastrophe in international markets. Make sure you take the correct step for the reputation of your company.

Social media posts can be quickly translated with GT. But at the professional level, your website needs 100% Human Translation Services. We offer Translation Solutions for Website content and documents. Our project managers can make customized quotes for your requirements.

Our Professional Website Translation Services

Website translation doesn’t require certified translation. The languages shall be localized perfectly, this is important. Website Translation Services consult the client and understand the business of the client at first. Then the team of experts knows which professional translator to apply for that particular language pair. Our website translation services offer more than 60 languages.

Check our list and pricing of website translation services here.

Website Translation Services Cost

Get Free Translation Service from us. 100% Discount on your first purchase. Up to 200 words of translation for Free. German to English and English to German language pair is currently discounted rate. Get a free translation service from us on your first purchase.

Our Free Website Translation Services

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website translation services

website translation services

Machine Translation VS Professional Website Translation Service

Website Translation Service industry-leading translation Technology. Translation software is not working in experienced website translation services. Translated quickly are grabbing attention in the new markets.

But fast turnaround on demand intuitive API still can help a person to understand a post or letter only. For a larger audience, you require subject-matter experts. Translation workflow of localized websites can grab the attention of the customers of proficiency.

On-Demand AI plugins can translate many languages. Even though this AI software is up-to-date, despite still, they are not good enough for the original format of a language pair. Localized content made by native speakers helps your website SEO to rank on Search Engines.



What is Subject-Matter Expert | Expert Website Translation Services

Subject Expertise is the professional product marketing manager who processes a profound understanding of a particular subject. Translation industry expertise is the professional translators of products and Apps. Their translated content will not change the space limits and focus keywords of an app or product description. Our website translation service also offers SEO web pages and application localization. Check the Order form here.

Website Translation Services for Small Businesses

Website translation is expensive. Localization of a business website requires a considerable budget and huge IT support. It can prove problematic for small businesses that wish to translate their company website easily without much technical assistance. Some companies may prefer a particular page to be rewritten into another language, before starting the website entirely in another language.

website translation services

Website Content Translation Services

Web translations and multilingual SEO in a nutshell. Google accounts for 30% of the worldwide traffic to the web. Our goal is to ensure they can use our website properly. How can we ensure that our translated websites are optimized for SEO? Expanding your knowledge and expertise in SEO is possible by employing specialized SEO software.

Global SEO Content Website Translation Project providing global Search engine optimization services to help convert your site meta information to target languages to help your website appear in local search results. Get help with SEO at

Check the Google review of our satisfied clients and translate your website with us today.

website translation services

Translation Services for Websites in Every Business Niche

Our specialists offer specialized knowledge for many industries. Successful website translation requires industry knowledge, along with linguistics. We provide expert services for a variety of fields.

Niche pages translated into Multiple Languages

Fintech businesses, healthcare providers and many other businesses need specialized websites to be translated. Our service offers many options to suit these niche needs, from financial translation to medical translation.

In the fast-paced technology era, you require reliable translation services. We have extensive technical translation knowledge spanning several sectors. Our website translator is capable of all technical aspects and provides a secure translation.

Policy pages and consent forms Localization

Policies and documents on legal websites require accurate and high-quality translations. The technical accuracy of a webpage will keep your visitors and customers engaged with your website. Accurate translations require Human Translation Quality. And this service can be obtained only by successful companies worldwide like us.

website translation services

Landing pages localization | Website Language Translation Services

Your homepage can help you convert customers. Marketing Translation Service by Tomedes provides you with professional translation services that can give maximum impact on your website translations.

Service Pricing (Per word or per page)

Steps charge the website for translating according to the number of words. See the complete prices on this page. You will receive a quotation on translating a webpage by clicking this link.

website translation services

Technical Website Translation Services

Now, we have to set technical aspects in translating website content. You should register versions of domain names using the relevant country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for each destination country, then set up your web page for hosting translations. It can be a little confusing to choose from – you may want to use WordPress as one website, or even better, use one site with Plugins for Multilingual.

Integrating translation into your website

Fintech businesses, healthcare providers and many other businesses need specialized websites to be translated. Our service offers many options to suit these niche needs, from financial translation to medical translation.

In the fast-paced technology era, you require reliable translation services. We have extensive technical translation knowledge spanning several sectors. Our website translator is capable of all technical aspects and provides a secure translation.

Multiple Website Localization Solution

WTS is a professional linguist from Austria. We have different types of Language Localization services for multilingual websites and businesses.

website translation services

Contact Us Anytime, Anywhere

We believe that customer service has always been the core of his company philosophy, and therefore we can offer affordable online translation services. All orders are answered within 5 minutes of receiving our request for quotes and project questions, with 24-hour customer service and an annual quality guarantee on every order.




How much will it cost to translate Your website?

Translators typically cost anywhere from $0.12 to $0.30 per sentence, according to the linguistic complexity of the language pair. Certain languages are pricier than Swedish, English, Norwegian, or Japanese. Check our pricing upon Languages here.

How do I get a translation of a website?

Worldwide, there are several native language translation services. We are one of them as well. We are responsible for a comprehensive website translation project for commercial websites. Contact us today for your business website translation.

How much does it cost to get a website translated?

The costs for an internet interpretation service vary enormously. Check our pricing list here

Are there free translation services?

Google Translator is widely adopted as a Free Translation Service. The translator will translate a sentence from any language you choose. You can type in a language that you aren’t familiar with, or you can get it from there.

How do I translate a whole website?

With Website Localization and Professional Language Services, you translate your entire website without harming the SEO of your entire site.

How much does it cost to translate an entire website?

A professional web translating company charges between $0.10 to $.50 per word. Nevertheless, our professional linguists are cost-effective.

What is the most accurate translation Process?

Human Translation Services are the most accurate translation process compared to the machine translation process.

What are the benefits of content translation?

Benefits of textual translations. When you select the correct translation service providers, your translation will penetrate larger market segments. Translating your content to another language helps increase your customers and your business. Translating the content to other languages improves SEO/SEM.

Selecting an appropriate translator may help you penetrate wider market sectors. Translating content into other languages will increase the trust of consumers and increase revenue for your business. Contact us today.