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Web-Translation-At is a German online translator from Austria. We are an authorized Austrian company that offers German English Translation Service Online.

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What are Online translators?

The service provided by Online Translators is entirely digital and conducted online. Online translators are used to undertake the translation work for the content of websites, documents and online product descriptions. The text being translated online must be done digitally as well. Online Translate text can be translated only utilizing well-known programs and languages like Trados, MemoQ, or Microsoft Word. There are different forms of online translation services:

  • Website Content translation with a program

  • Microsoft Words Translate

  • PDF Translate

  • Excel Sheet Translate

  • Directly Website platform Translate

  • Machine Translate

Difference between online translator and Interpreter

Online translation occurs when documents are localized from one language to another online. Online translators are people who can translate text content word-for-word from one language into some other languages. Vice versa, or interpreter is a spoken language translation service. It’s solely person-to-person listening and translation. Because the website’s contents are online, translating it can only be done online.

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Our High-Quality human translation services

We offer free online translation and page translation both. We are a team of certified native translators around the world.

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Difference between human translation Machine Translation

When a native language-speaking person translates text manually, sentence after sentence, correctly and academically, that is a human translation service.

Human Translation Service

Human Translations


  • 100% accurate, high-quality manual translation.

  • Accepted worldwide.

  • SEO texts will be ranked

  • Keywords Localization correct

  • Dialect or popular phrases localization correct


  • It takes time to translate

  • Spelling mistakes can occur

  • Proofread mandatory

  • Expensive


Machine Translations

It is a machine translation when a text is translated using free or paid machine translation software powered by AI.


  • 10 to 20% accurate translation

  • Cheap or Free

  • Cannot translate phrases

  • Translation can be done within a few seconds.


  • No acceptable on any platform

  • Not applicable for SEO Texts

  • Language localization error

  • keywords localization error

Free Translation from a machine translation tool | DeepL Translator or Google

Machine language Translation is completely incorrect, and those translations are usually unacceptable on any platform. DeepL translation tool is top-rated, and you can purchase DeepL premium or DeepL company packages are available for purchases. Google is a Free quick translation platform for documents in all languages for everyone, but documents cannot be translated on Google.

Hire a translator for German English Translation

We do not offer only German to English translation services. We offer more than 40 languages localization. Contact us directly or choose your service from the list below:

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