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German to Arabic Translation Service in Austria

We are a German translation company, Based in Austria. We are offering quality Arabic translation services. From legal paperwork to medical bills, we interpret everything. We have a record of satisfied customers who have used our services for over eight years.

Legal and Medical Document Translation Services in Austria and Germany

The majority of our customers want us to translate their medical bills and legal or judicial papers from German to Arabic. You will always get a German document in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland if you are a foreign patient or business owner.

It is always difficult for non-German-speaking customers, particularly those from the Middle East or other Arabic-speaking countries, to interpret the document, or maybe they must submit it to the legal authorities of their country. 100% accurate and High-quality Arabic translation services are compulsory at this point.

Arabic Translation Service

Arabic-speaking countries around the world

Algeria, Bahrain, the Comoros Islands, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen assemble the 22 countries collectively constitute the Arab World.

Our Professional Arabic Translation Services

In comparison to European languages such as German, French, Russian, and Chinese, the Arabic dialect has a great deal in common. For the speaking markets, each of the Arabic countries has its own traditional dialect. Arabic with a formal tone is not preferred by native speakers above their regional dialects.

Team of Native Arabic Speakers

Frequently, translating into Arabic needs the translator to comprehend the objective of the document and the target audience. The difference between spoken Arabic and the traditional Arabic language used in everyday life and informal communication such as ads is substantial.

Arabic Document Translation Services

Start your first project with us today. Get a free instant quote! Next step: We will check your documents and send you your quote within a few hours after your request. A free estimate includes a timeline, costs and detailed instructions for the start-up process. Robotics is not allowed.

The best Certified Arabic Translation Company in Germany

All the work is performed by experienced and certified translators in a professional language. We don’t allow mechanically translated texts (if the translation is done by machine).

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Best English to Arabic Text Translation

Web translation offers quality, professional Arabic translators through its tested and certified team. We are a top Arabic translation service company providing all fields of document translations. This includes the Arabic translation of technical and financial documents. Service of translation is available across all Arab languages.

English to Arabic Translation Service

Our English to Arabic Translation is done by a certified Arabic Translator with a C2 level in the English language. This specific translator has a degree from an accredited university in this language pair.

These include Arabic translators services in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE. Our Arabic translation services are used widely by leading companies.

Why should you choose WTA as your translation company?

Machine translations are not fantastic, documents need a better grade than Google Translate does. This is where you require reputable translation companies like Website Translation Austria. We have a global network of more than 36 Arabic translators across the world. We guarantee a very high level of translation.

Certified Translation services with certified Arabic seal

We offer certified Arabic translation with signed Certificate Statements of Accuracy. Our native professional translators’ team handles every project with care. The Arabic language has 30 different dialects. The accuracy of standard Arabic translation could be more complicated because everyone has their terms and preferences.

Website Localization Translation Project

The language Arabic is the 5th most spoken language in the world and is spoken in 22 Arabian nations. The Arabian economy has rapidly developed, having an estimated GDP exceeding $2.88 trillion.

Arabic to Other Language Translation Projects

Our Website Localization skills will replace every page of your business website, from Arabic to other 37 official languages, perfectly. Accurate localization is vital for the first impact on online clients.

Our large number of projects and Numerous clients wanted to expand their business in the industry section of Europe; Therefore, they requested to translate their online store’s page to translate into official European languages.

We provide Arabic Certified Translation for the Middle East

Our legal translation services in Arabic will hand-pick experts who have extensive experience in legal terminology as well as in interpreting legal frameworks in the local marketplace. We are now partnering with many of the most important international lawyers to enable efficient business operations on international markets and thereby increase their profitability.

We know that security matters for lawyers in all fields. Our business is therefore run by ISO certification and the translation is carried out within an Integrated Security Environment of 128-bit to provide fast Arabic legal translation services.

Arabic website translations that help you get to market faster

If we want to introduce new products or services to new markets, it must be done locally through the Web. If you localize your site to the Arab-language regions, it could be indexed by local SEO companies. This helps consumers to search on a searchable site using a search engine they have used before in a certain language and helps boost conversion in local markets. We use seasoned experts and broad knowledge of retail markets for our clients to help grow their businesses overseas through a variety of services to customers.

Fast and accurate technical translation service

Translation of technical documents is often monotonous; they’re labour-intensive processes, but they’re essential in competitive international markets. We have helped hundreds of companies grow their businesses in the Arabic-speaking world. We offer translation workflows for linguists in two ways. The first is to isolate and eliminate any code that may contain sensitive formatting, to let linguists concentrate on translating information.

Fast and adaptive translations for Arabic-speaking markets

Many people might consider your document the most important part of their daily life. We can also help you understand how to adapt corporate documents to the global markets. We can provide you with customized translation services for all of your Arabic documentation. A dedicated customer service representative will choose the most experienced languages for each industry sector to ensure fast and reliable translation.

High-quality Arabic medical translation services

When it comes to life science, it is essential to comply with the strict regulations of Arab-speaking markets. Throughout the year, the language of our natives has been analysed for competency and medical expertise needed to interpret complex medical concepts. Your specialized account managers ensure every linguist who has translated your work can continue a rigorous review of quality by using our best-in-class QA technology.

Creative Arabic marketing translations that engage with your target audience

Launching products and services into Arab-speaking markets requires cultural and language expertise. What is culturally relevant for the UAE that influences the citizens of Egypt? When attempting to build a successful business, it’s indispensable to ensure that the message delivered to you is relevant. To be effective in a global market, we have equipped in the adaptation of your marketing messages to Arabic!

Professional Arabic translation service

If you do business in foreign countries, we understand how crucial translating your contract is. Our Arabic contract translation system STREAM allows you to quickly receive an Arabic Contract Translation quote! In addition, the translator we hire will be knowledgeable in their field, ensuring the translation is accurate. Alternatively, your translations will be certified and notarized upon your request.

Arabic financial translations by linguists with in-depth experience in the finance market

Our Arabic financial translators will provide guidance on how to navigate the financial market within Arabic-speaking countries. Our linguists are well aware of the fast-paced nature of finance. Our ISO-certified translators can ensure your translations are of high-quality and meet all of your requirements.

Professional Arabic translators

WTA’s Arabic translators are highly knowledgeable and experienced in translation. WTA is well known as a reputable platform for professional translation that can provide excellent translation at breakneck times. Our Arabic translation services are accessible for every project, no matter its scope or complexity, thanks to our professional certified translators and extensive worldwide network.

Certified Arabic translations rates

Our Standard Translation starts from €0.05 per word.

We offer Arabic translations at prices competitive in their field. Prices in Germany start at €0.10 a word for professional Arabic to English translations and are €0.14 a word. Get a quotation instantly from Arabic Translation Services.

Services we offer:

  • Arabic translations for Industry and Business websites

  • English to Arabic Document Translation Services

  • Court Documents Certified Translation

  • Translated documents certification

  • Scan Documents Translation

  • University or School certificates Certified Translation

  • German to Arabic Translation Services