Korean to English Translation service in Austria

Whether you prefer translating depends on what is needed. The Korean written system can be understood by two pillars: Hanja (Korean writing) & Hangu (Chinese writing). The differences between the two main languages and the borrowings from Chinese and English are quite complicated. It is easy to find the most qualified Korean Translation Service. It should be reputable and contain native speakers that possess a wide array of experience.
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Korean Translation Service in Austria

Professional Korean to English Translator

Korean is a Southeast Asian tongue spoken by around 8 million people. It’s an official and national dialect for both Korea’s, with various standardized official forms. WTA uses native Korean translators because of the language differences between North Korea and South Korea. For example, China dialects are highly influential over the Korean language and Korea is also known for several other dialects. Translators must understand such nuances, as the translators at WTA understand.

English to Korean Medical Translation Services

We have a highly qualified medical translators group who handles medical, biotech, pharmaceutical translations, pharmaceutical translations and more. Our Biomedical Clients have translated clinical trials, biotech patent applications and other compliance documents into compliance documents.

Special Korean Medical Translation:

Speciality areas cover oncology, neurology, molecular physiology, and chemistry and physiology. For detailed information, please visit our Medical Translation page.

Korean Translation services

Certified Korean Translation Assistance in Europe

Our clients depend on our services of professional Korean-to-English translation. We offer specialized, qualified professional and business translations in many languages to communicate the truth. Korean is also a distinct language with an alphabetical writing system, spoken by 80 million worldwide. It refers in Korean to languages, cultures or people, and this definition has been central in our translations as meaning transcends words.

Government Certified Translation and Legal Agencies

The Korean language families are known as Koreanic – they comprise mainland Korean and the dialect on the Jeju Islands. It is possible to learn different languages from Korean, and Jeju has the strongest differences.

Native Korean Translator Online

The Korean language is used by North Korea, as well as South Korea. The dialects of each dialect differ. The North Koreans can communicate rapidly.

Our Korean Translation services:

  1. High-Quality Product Description Translation
  2. High-Quality German to Korean Website Translation
  3. High-Quality Korean to German Website Translation
  4. High-Quality English to Korean Excel, PDF, Website, and Document Translation
  5. High-Quality Korean Medical Translation (Medical Supplements and treatments)
  6. High-Quality Korean Technical Translation (Engineering and software)
  7. High-Quality Korean Legal Document Translation

Korean translators from WTA

WTA connects you with Korean-speaking professionals. Additionally, WTA recruits a team and periodically vets each translator for the verification of their Korean proficiency. Our professional Korean translator team has extensive experience with documents ranging from Word to PDF formats, Excel, Adobe InDesign and Frame Maker. Continue reading.

Korean Translation services

Korean to English to German Translation Company in Austria

Our Translation Company offers Korean translation services at a very cheap rate compared to other Translation companies in Europe. We charge €0.05 per word for standard translation and €0.10 per word for Certified Translation or SEO translation.

Our native Translators Translate normal and certified translation with maximum high-range care, and the customers are always delighted.

Korean Technical Translation

Our engineering sector clients include governmental organizations based in the USA and Europe. Our team translated technical specifications, patents, engineering guidelines, processes, testing reports, software interfaces & procurement proposals for their clients.

Our courses cover many fields, including electrical and electronics. The complete descriptions are available at Technical Translation.

Korean industry experience

What is the difference between Hyundai and Toyota? They all originate from Korea. With their strong industrial sector and rich neighbouring Chinese countries, Japan and Korea are among the fastest-growing global economies.

When you want to make your own Korean translation services for your business, you should use WTA. Our Korean translators have been thoroughly vetted in terms of professional skills.

What is the best English-to-Korean translation service?

The rest is entirely up to you. Even the best agency cannot support the client 100% with no cooperation, no answers to any questions, and no information. You should know the skills of language professionals to communicate easily. Please ensure your paperwork has been organized before calling the service. Alternatively, special terms, standards, or expectations are needed.

Translation vs Localization

This service is entirely unique. The translation is an attempt to record or write in one or more languages. The localization process ensures the text is kept relevant while conveying the intention for the text to be sent. You need to know everything about your project to get an accurate estimate of how much help you will be required.

Imagine you write a Korean story about famous people who only exist at the borders of the country. An experienced translator can easily write your article in English.

Korean Translation services


Our team is aware that global businesses and brands are different. We aim to build your brand through an international audience. With expanding financial markets, Koreans demand more financial translation services be translated to English. Often, hundreds of documents must be produced for transactions on cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

For Korea, we have transcribed crypto-insurance documents, trading accounts, financial statement loans, and real property documents. Find out the best way to translate financial documents.

Certified translations

Our professional language specialists are not just translating specialists, they also represent experts from the entire industry. In law, there are many complex documents written in different languages.

Accurate legal Korean translations

Our legal translation services in Korea deliver complex files to target countries. Our translators are careful to study each code, law and cultural culture for the final translation. Occasionally, the best translations are made by our customers first. Please find our way in translating legal documents.

Certified Korean translation for official use

Those who do not possess the correct documents may risk putting the process at risk. Our translation services provide assurance about your acceptance to your university or job.

We provide the documentation necessary to enter the United States through a USCIS certification process. We are an ATA member and hold three certifying ISO certifications. See every certification translation on our site.

Korean Document Translation for Any Industry

Let our team help grow your business by delivering a translation of a Korean document. Our clients in Korea have been using our service for over ten years.

Our Korean translation service accuracy range can help you get documents in good shape for any project. Here’s what industries are profiting from translating documents from us.

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Korean Translation services

Technical and Engineering English to Korean Translation

There are about 80 million Koreans in countries, and nearly a million in America. Using a service that offers translations between English and Korean could potentially lead to soaring costs. We have over 30 language experts who are specialized in providing accurate and timely English to Korean translation services through our excellent customer support service 24/7.

Why choose WTA as your Korean translation company?

WTA offers professional Korean translation assistance with a tested and native team of Korean translators from abroad. We offer professional Korean translation services in numerous domains. In Korean, we translate English texts into an exact language. We are capable of translating Korean to English and Korean into many speech communications.

How Do WTA Translate Korean Documents?

Orders. Decide from the options listed in the list to receive a quick quote. Send us a message for more information. Please download the files.

All right. Review, approve translations and request revisions free of cost. Payment. The approved translation is already sent by email. Demands are delivered directly to you.

Korean Translation services

Business websites need to translate into another language

We offer translation services for financial documents. This includes financial statements, investor relations information, media reports, website information and multimedia presentations. Detail info is available in the section Business Translation.

Translate English to Korean Documents

Our translation service covers Korean document formats in PDFs, MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe InDesign, and Frame maker. Our translations also include Korean document translations into English and more than 70 different speeches.

Qualified professionals for businesses and project

We think qualified linguists can be fluent in their fields or specialize in a specific sector. The employee will need to work accurately and be able to provide support in the industries below, namely in Korean or other lingoes.

Korean to German translation service | Certified Translation

Korean skin care products are currently avidly used by millions of Germans. Numerous Korean firms that provide skin care products are eager to work with European customers since the market for these items is so large in Europe.

In such circumstances, Korean translations are required for all items. You need a Korean-to-German translation for each product if you want to do business in Germany. All Korean goods are translated from Korean to German before being listed on Amazon or eBay.

For Online Business, Germany

You may have the same from our Korean translation services. All of your corporate materials may be correctly translated from Korean to German by our team. Documents must be translated into German, please! Generalization guidelines for documents. Here, you may drag and drop your files.

Certified Korean translation services in Austria

Korean consumers are the biggest customers for many of the prestigious brand names, and this makes Korea fourth in Asia. How does your website grow? Find the ideal Korean translator service for every brand you want to advertise on the Korean internet.

Website Translation Austria is a leading Korean translator that provides a comprehensive translation service for localizing the brand to the Korean markets. Nevertheless, Korean is considered a difficult language and our professional team of translators can translate any kind of material as needed.

Korean localization company with ISO certificate

Our Korean translators provide excellent translations for Korean presentations. Customized, We can also offer advice in the case of complex translations. Consequently, Korea’s language in its proper usage has been heavily affected by cultural elements. In particular, marketing campaigns for a million people have therefore created separate departments focusing on transformation.

Korean translators from Website Translation, Austria

Website Translation Austria is an established Korean translation service that provides certified translations in over 65 other commonly spoken languages. Website Translation Austria helps you to speak Korean natively.

Additionally, Website Translation Austria hires and regularly checks all Korean translators to validate their proficiency. Our Korean translators understand the file formats PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe InDesign and FrameMaker.

Technical |Culture | Book Translation Services in Austria

How can you translate your novels into Korean? We offer extensive translation services that allow you to reach an international audience and promote your business across the world.

Professional Korean translation agency with a quality guarantee

Licensed Korean translation service. Target multiple languages on budgets that fit your business goals! The dedicated expert team supports your income with the highest level of expertise! Plan extended business services for 24 hours of support!

We offer a 100% refund guarantee on every order we receive! Faster turnaround times and improved documentation.

Native Certified Translator in Korea or Austria

We have native Korean language translators in South Korea, who are working for our company online. Specific for documents certification project.

Our certified translator in Korea can handle official document translation for every project wisely. Clients can receive the certified document via email or google link, with a seal of the company and proof of certified translation.

Our Translated documents quality will make any customer happy.

Certified Translation Services

The German language belongs to the Indo-European language family

The German language has a population of more than 100 million in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, and Romania. It is Europe’s most commonly spoken tongue, with more than 100 million people speakers.

German originated in German-speaking countries. It has been estimated it came from around 1000 AD.

Professional Korean translation services

All documents are available to us as easily and quickly as possible, thanks to the professional translator assistance we have.

Translations in English are offered with a 1-year guarantee and are fully revision free. Customer satisfaction remains the heart of Website Translation Austria’s philosophy, and we prove it every day.

Translation Korean German & English

Website Translation Austria stands for Korean translations of the highest standard. Our translation agency also provides certified translated official documents from Korean translators. Send us the documents to us for scanning or an estimate. Once you’ve translated it, you can download a print copy and send it to us via the internet.

What is a Korean-German translator’s job?

Translating Korean into German will translate numerous written materials such as marketing materials. They also translate audio/visual material between the two Korean languages into German. Translating is the ability of an individual to understand the source or the target language.

Korean language translations by industry

The major sectors in the South Korean economy are textiles and metals. Website Translation Austria provides specialized translating services in all these areas.

The translator offers most translations. Translators, Korean into German. General Printing Arts and Cultural Translation. Korean German. €0.05 per word.